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About the artist:
Tara is a self proclaimed craft granny and art nerd. And just a plain nerd in general. hmm..

About the comic: (faqs!)

Umm..Your comic is named Furry Black Devil and Pepe's grey. Huh?
He really is black but like most gerbils, he takes dust baths just like chinchillas.
Shhh..don't tell him you know his beauty secret.

I'm just lost in general, what's going on?
FBD is a gag-a-day/slice of life type of comic. It's very random, but there is a bit of a story going.
The latest happenings is Loffie just adopted a cat named Maggie.

Why was Capture the Murphy story dropped?
Wasn't happy with it. The art was horrible and it started to bore me.
Might finish it one day..because the outcome is funny.

Is Pepe' real?
Yes! Well..he use to be, passed away back in February 2006. (bless his little rotting corpse)
:( Lived a happy three long years, which is almost the max life expectancy for gerbils. ^_^
Now I have two more gerbils name Peanut and Pablo, Also known as the Peablos. They are no longer here. :(

Is Loffie and the other characters based off yourself and real people?
Yes, loosely. Loffie is a nickname I go by on the internets. And the other characters are people I know.

Why does your store suck?
Because it does! I really need to work on things.
(more designs will be up and if you have an idea or see something in the comic you would like, e-mail me.)

I think you and your comic sucks.
That's fine, to each their own. But look around on the Comic Genesis site, might find something you like.

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